Thursday, 16 November 2017

Chapter 72 : TMA : The triple jump (part 3)

Day 7

I arrive at the pits for my event. The first take-off line is the long jump line and is way too short for me. The take-off lines from the t-jump look too long. Too far away from the pit. After my complaints the other people agree to put a tape across the track and let me jump from that.
I run and jump three times and then look at my results. The first two have been called a foul. I must have overstepped. The third one has been measured. I have a result. I have legally done a t-jump.

The others resume their long jumps. One guy is jumping much longer than me. I think they all are but one guy seems to be flying. I stand mesmerized and fascinated by his jumping. He seems to run very fast at the pit. His emphasis seems to be on running fast, taking off in the right spot and not jumping technique. 
I need to practice my run-up. I need to run faster. I need to get my feet landing in the right spot. Speed is now my aim and having my feet in right spot for a good take-off. They are my aims. Not technique.

My run-up must be fast and aggressive. Not apologetic and submissive. No thinking as I run down the track. I need to practice running hard and fast without jumping. I need to continually practice running down the track. Seeing where my feet land.

Another thing to practice is my step. According to an expert (who was helping) when doing the step I need to wave my leg forward. Increase my step.  Think about waving my left leg forward and not about landing it is soon as possible.

And another thing I need to practice is jumping from the lines provided. The first t-jump line is 5m from the pits. I have to jump from this line not a tape spread across the track.  The tape across the track was helpful but…

Next morning Mrs C askes me, “why did you have a restless night?”
“I was thinking of the t-jump.”
“I thought you were happy with your jumps. Well I don’t want you to get any worse.”
“No I also want to get better.”

“What other events could you do?”
“There are other events but the t-jump is put on.”
“It’s very good they put all these events on.”
“It is good. There are people, up there, doing a fantastic job. I try and fit in where I can. Not much I can do. I don’t know if being the only one to do an event helps or not. It keeps the event alive, hopefully until someone good turns up.”

I celebrate everybody who gets out and does something physical.  I love the people running laps. The ones jumping longer long jumps than my t-jump. At the moment I want to diversify slightly. To do the t-jump but I will return to running circles. I can see that in my future. At present I did one legal t-jump, one jump that was measured. For me that’s success.  

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