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Chapter 89 : the Queens Domain (Part 3)

Other areas of interest on the Domain

Government House. 

Built in 1855-8 and regarded as one of the best Vice-Regal residences in the Commonwealth.
Government house is a picturesque building of brown and white sandstone surrounded by extensive gardens next to the botanical gardens.

Royal Botanical Gardens

Crops including wheat, corn, barley and vegetables were grown on the site from 1806. The Royal Botanical Gardens were begun officially in 1818.
The gardens have many plant collections, significant trees and the world’s only sub-Antarctic house.
A productive area is regularly seen on Gardening Australia.

Domain Athletic Centre

An Olympic standard 400 meter oval track with all the facilities for all standard track and field events.

Hobart Aquatic Centre

Built about 20 years ago. Has hosted many major events and provides aquatic and gym facilities for the locals. 

Domain Tennis Centre

The leading tennis centre in Tasmania currently hosting a leading women’s tournament in January every year.
Began in 1964 with an exhibition match between Margret Court and Billie-Jean King who were two of the best female players in the world. Today it has a variety of courts with synthetic or artificial clay or grass. Also a bar and a string lab to repair rackets.

Soldiers Memorial Avenue

The first trees were planted in 1918. Since 2002 the avenue has been restored with new bronze plaques.
The avenue commemorates 520 Tasmanians who died serving in WW1. In 1914 Tasmania’s population was 200,000.  Extrapolate that and today we would have 1,300 Tasmanians dying overseas in a military conflict.

Beaumaris Zoo

Beaumaris Zoo was relocated from Battery Point in 1923. It was constructed in an old quarry which had been rehabilitated. The zoo featured tea rooms and band concerts on Sundays.

The zoo was where the haunting video of a Tasmanian tiger (thylacine) pacing his cage was taken. That tiger died in 1936. It was the last known thylacine. The zoo closed in 1937 but a lot of the enclosures remain.

Powder Magazine

The powder magazine was built in 1851. Its guard house was built at the same time and a short, safe distance away.  The powder magazine was used to store gunpowder for military and civil purposes. The magazine was closed in 1970.

Hobart TCA Ground

This cricket ground with picket fence and historical grandstands (built from 1880-1950) is worth a look.  It is not the cricket ground immediately below the parkrun.  It is further on down the Domain.

Colvin Stand

The Hobart regatta has been going since 1838. The Colvin stand was built in 1919-1920.


A monument commemorating people who died on service in various conflicts from 1914 to today. 
A major event is held here on ANZAC DAY each year.

Boer War Memorial

A bronze statue of a soldier erected in 1905 to commemorate Tasmanians who died in Southern Africa is situated in front of the Aquatic Centre.

An estimated 860 Tasmanians and 800 Tasmanian horses served in South Africa. An estimated 39 Tasmanians lost their lives during the conflict.

The statue is in a very prominent position. It tells us two things. In 1905 the Domain was an important place in Tasmania and the Boer war was a major event in Tasmanian society. 

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